• SECC Engagement Events can be done year round! See the Events Section for Ideas!
  • Volunteers pick dates for their unique campaigns between Aug 1 & Dec 31st each year.
  • The information below provides volunteers with resources to help create a powerful campaign.  If you don't see something you would find helpful, please let us know!  If you have questions, ask your Department Executive or Univ. Chair, or contact us here.

Donation Resources

Methods of Giving

SECU Cashier Check Memo

Pledge Form

Courier Mail - Return Label

SECU Branch Locator

Donor Event Report Form

Epledge FAQ

Paper Pledge Report Form

Marketing & Communication Tools

Impact Statement Emails

Giving Guide

Pledge Impact Graphic

Campaign Videos

Campaign Poster

Impact Platform

Get to Know the Charities Game

SECC Logos & Graphics

Talking Points

Standard Operating Procedures

Campaign Thermometer Printout

"Coming Soon" Flyer

Business Donation Request Letter