Volunteers are vital to the SECC!

Volunteers have been leading efforts to support charities serving North Carolina residents since 1985. Thanks to the leadership of these volunteers, state employees have contributed more than $118 million to participating SECC charities.

Man and woman in professional attire giving each other a high five.

Volunteer Roles:

Department Executive:

  • Recruit SECC Team Captains (TC) for each division/office.
  • Meet with TC prior to the start of the Campaign to discuss your campaign plan.
  • Communicate weekly with TC on Campaign progress.
  • Work with TC to ensure every employee in their division/office has been personally asked to consider donating.
  • Help address questions and challenges during the campaign.
  • Ensure team captains tally, and send forms & summary reports to the SECC office weekly.

Team Captain:

  • Work with your Department Executive (DE) and Communications Team to plan a fun, positive and informative campaign.
  • Personalize your campaign by involving your coworkers.
  • Obtain support from management and senior leadership.
  • Ensure each employee is given the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding their individual pledge.
  • Address questions and challenges during the campaign, with the help of your DE.
  • Report campaign results by calculating and sending pledge and report forms at least twice a month to the SECC office

Communications Team

  • Send out e-blasts to engage your department and remind them of giving and engagement opportunities.
  • Manage any online social or communication platforms to keep your department engaged in the campaign.