Event Overview

A silent auction is a great event to reach a large number of donors.  It can be used across offices and departments to engage more people.  The majority of work is prior to the event and consists of collecting auction items and doing outreach to local businesses.

This is a great option for all departments, divisions, and universities.  It can be in-person or virtual

recommended as virtual for its ease of running and being inclusive of more potential participants

What you'll need to run this event

Before Event

  1. Outreach for auction item donations and information (expect 1-3 months)
    • Best Practice – Enlist colleagues to do outreach and request items
  2. Create Auction details on 32auctions.com, including item images and descriptions
  3. Outreach to advertise event to all possible attendees
  4. Sign up volunteers for support (setup, cleanup, accepting payment, etc.)

During and After Event

  1. Email link to employees with all information for silent auction
  2. Request that employees forward email and link to as many other people as they can
  3. Track "paying" attendees at event
  4. Complete Event Report Form
    1. 2 volunteers count cash and checks, initial/record on event report form
  5. Find SECU branch near you to get FREE cashier check for cash amount
    1. If unable to get the same day as event, lock up cash/checks overnight
  6. Mail cashier check to SECC

What you'll get from the SECC for running this event

  • Ability to accept participant payment online - (https://ncsecc.org/secc-donor-event/)
  • $30 to upgrade auction to include 100 items, if needed.  (***Use request form below***)
  • Anyone that runs a silent auction will be entered to win a $50 gift card at the end of this year's campaign