Event Overview

An easy fun way to get people involved in the campaign.  People can give to charity and get a "casual" workday out of it.  Can also be "remote work" days as a different option.

What you'll need to run this event

Before Event

  1. Decide what days can be casual and the price/day to dress down
  2. Decide what qualifies as "casual"
  3. Pick a charity that all funds will go to
  4. Outreach to advertise event to all possible attendees

During and After Event

  1. Collect and track funds!
  2. Track number of people participating
  3. Complete Event Report Form
    1. 2 volunteers count cash and checks, initial/record on event report form
  4. Find SECU branch near you to get FREE cashier check for cash amount
    1. If unable to get the same day as event, lock up cash/checks overnight
  5. Mail cashier check to SECC

What you'll get from the SECC for running this event

***For supplies delivery, please fill out request at least 7 biz days before event.  Pickup of supplies available in Durham until day before event***