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Charity NameCodeFederation / GroupDescription
Abortion Federation, Nat’l. (NAF)5004America's Best Charities - Member AgencyHelp protect abortion providers from anti-abortion threats, intimidation, violence, and criminal activities so women can access the safe, high-quality care they need.
America’s Charities1600America's CharitiesWorking to build strong communities. Addressing needs of children, families, communities by helping employers and employees support our member charities' programs.
Baptist Children’s Homes of NC3641Independent CharityBaptist Children’s Homes of NC provides compassionate homes to abused and neglected children as well as care for senior adults and special needs adults. 800-476-3669
Boys and Girls Homes of NC4095Independent CharityBGHNC serves children, victims of trauma, crime, sexual assault via advocacy programs for families, homeless emergency shelters, Teen Moms, mental health, reunification, life change, equine, animal, gardening, recreation therapy, vocational, educational support, foster care, adoption, and justice.
Children’s Home Society, NC3704Independent CharityCHS promotes the right of every child to a permanent, safe and loving family. We break cycles of poverty and neglect and build strong families.
Hope Pregnancy Care Center4164Independent CharityHope Pregnancy Care Center is the only pregnancy center in Stokes County, but we also serve the larger surrounding area. We provide diapers, clothing, baby accessories and everything needed for the 1st two years of life. Lay counseling and parenting classes are also available as needed.
Orange Co. Rape Crisis Center3894Independent CharityOrange County Rape Crisis Center imagines a world without sexual violence. We utilize support, education, and advocacy to achieve this goal.
Planned Parenthood Fed., Int’l.1602America's Charities - Member AgencyFòs Feminista to advance sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice across the Global South.
Planned Parenthood Federation of America1959America's Best Charities - Member AgencyEnsure access to affordable reproductive health care, protect reproductive rights, and promote access to comprehensive medically accurate sexuality education, domestically and internationally.
Pro-Choice NC1613Independent CharityPro-Choice North Carolina is a statewide organization that works exclusively to protect and advance the reproductive rights of all North Carolinians.