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Charity NameCodeFederation / GroupDescription
Alley Cat Rescue5077America's Best Charities - MemberStray, abandoned and feral cats are neglected. Healthy cats in shelters are killed. Your contribution helps us end feline overpopulation and suffering.
Animal League America5091America's Best Charities - MemberSupport the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world. We save the lives of pets through rescue, adoption, spay/neuter, education initiatives.
Animal Legal Defense Fund1927America's Best Charities - MemberAnimals need love - and lawyers! Unimaginable acts of cruelty must end. In courtrooms across America, ALDF is winning the case against cruelty!
Animal Protection Society, Durham4060Independent AgencyWe build bonds between people and animals while saving lives through education, community outreach and care for animals in need, managing the county animal shelter.
AnimalKind1529Independent AgencyOur mission is to end the unnecessary euthanasia of adoptable cats and dogs in North Carolina Shelters.
ASPCA – Prevention of Cruelty to Animals1987America's Best Charities - MemberStaged dog fights to the death. Puppy factories with overcrowded and unsanitary breeding pens. Kittens tortured for amusement. Help stop these acts of animal cruelty.
Assistant Dog Institute5094America's Best Charities - MemberOur Dogs Helping Veterans program helps heal returning service members by providing loving dog helpmates at no cost to those with physical and psychological disabilities.
Best Friends Animal Society1692America's Charities - MemberFor 35+ years, we've run the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals and built effective programs reducing the number of animals entering shelters.
Big Cat Rescue Corp5020America's Best Charities - MemberTigers confined to circus wagons. Lions bred for photos then to be shot in cages. Lynx farmed for their fur. Help us save big cats.
Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary3859Independent AgencyBlind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary provides a safe, loving permanent home and hospice care for blind, FIV- and feline leukemia-positive cats deemed unadoptable.
Blue Ridge Parkway Fndn.1121EarthShare NC - MemberThe Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation is the fundraising partner for the Blue Ridge Parkway, providing critical support for initiatives along the 469-mile route.
Born Free USA Animal Protection1145EarthShare NC - MemberWorks to end the suffering of wild animals in captivity, rescue individual animals in need, protect wildlife, including endangered species, and encourage compassionate conservation globally.
Carolina Tiger Rescue1104EarthShare NC - MemberProvides rescue and life-long sanctuary to wild cats; conservation education through tours and field trips; community engagement through volunteer opportunities, internships, and company work groups.
Chatham Animal Rescue and Education3604Independent AgencyCARE promotes responsible pet ownership through education and targeted spay-neuter programs, provides foster care for homeless cats and dogs until placed in permanent homes.
Corolla Wild Horse Fund4169Independent AgencyWe are committed to protect, conserve, and responsibly manage the wild Banker horses roaming on the northernmost Outer Banks and those rescued from the herd.
Days End Farm Horse Rescue5055America's Best Charities - MemberStarvation, parasite infestation, deformed hoofs. Caring for abused and neglected horses. Dedicated to ensuring quality care and treatment of horses through intervention, education and outreach.
Dogs Deserve Better5058America's Best Charities - MemberChained by the neck, penned without food or water, receiving abuse, and forced to fight for their lives. Help rescue and rehabilitate these innocent dogs.
Dogs Last Chance2933America's Best Charities - MemberPuppy mills, vivisection/dissection, fur, illegal animal-fighting; Help us end animal abuse! Doing ground breaking undercover investigations to expose animal abusers and promoting cruelty-free lifestyles.
Dogs On Death Row2018America's Best Charities - MemberWe rescue dogs facing imminent execution if they do not get interim financial sponsors or foster parents or receive medical treatment required to become adoptable.
EarthShare NC1100EarthShare NC - FedSupports 70 conservation organizations working for the environment. We are protecting the health of our communities and their future by connecting people with the organizations making direct impacts in their community
Elephant Sanctuary2019America's Best Charities - MemberThe nation's largest natural habitat refuge for endangered elephants retired from circuses and zoos. Improving elephant lives through sanctuary, education, research and overseas assistance.
Elephants, Saving Elephants & Habitat Worldwide5059America's Best Charities - MemberElephants killed for their ivory. Habitat becomes roads, farms and villages. When elephants and humans cross paths, deaths occur. Help protect elephants, habitat and people.
Equine Land Conservation Resource2993America's Best Charities - MemberNo Land, No Horse. We lose 6,000 acres of open land every day. Help Equine Land Conservation Resource save the lands our horses need.
Farm Animal Rescue, Adoption, & Sanctuary5060America's Best Charities - MemberSanctuary and advocacy for farm animals. Last four years, 16,000 animal lives saved and adopted at our 3 facilities. Mission: Compassion for all life.
Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry2931America's Best Charities - MemberPlease help provide nutritious meat to hungry children and families nationwide! We pay the butchering fees for deer and livestock donated by farmers and hunters.