Promote your participation in the SECC

We encourage you to promote the fact that you are eligible for contributions through the SECC. The tools and tips below were created to help you spread the word that you are an approved SECC charity within the rules established in Title 1, Chapter 35 of the State of North Carolina's Administrative Code. For rules specific to participating charities download Charities in the State Workplace.

Tips for Promoting Your Participation:

  • Share that you are an approved SECC charity with your staff, board, volunteers, and through social media (SECC logos & graphics).  Encourage them to share the information with any state employees they might know, respecting the rules established in Chapter 35 (no direct solicitation)
  • Set up volunteer events and invite state employees to participate. Invite your Board members and recipients of your services (if appropriate) to join you and share opportunities with State employees. They can share stories as they work alongside the volunteers.  These opportunities can be offered year round.
  • Include your SECC Designation Code on print and digital materials. This can include, among other things, newsletters, e-blasts, community presentations, blogs, brochures, and handouts. Click here to download SECC logos you can use to accompany your Designation Code on materials.
  • Share your SECC Designation Code on your website with downloadable website badges.
  • Send promotional items to the SECC office when requested. Promotional items play an important role in increasing donor participation. We use the items to create gift bags for volunteers as well as giveaways and contest prizes for donors. They are a "BIG HIT!" with State employees.
  • Participate in as many Charity Fairs as you can. Charity Fairs provide an opportunity to speak directly with state employees and share information about your organization.
  • Participate or host an information table at events, such as information forums and health fairs, hosted by state organizations in your community. This is another great way to engage state employees year-round.
  • Thank the donors who designated their pledge to your organization. It is a simple way to show donors that their gift matters and you appreciate them.
  • Look through and share our 2023 Charity Giving Guide with your audiences!
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